Alison Banks

Pokémon Go, Ingress, and the New Evolution of Geographic Gaming

As it often happens on a summer afternoon, you may find yourself going for a stroll in the park just to enjoy the scenery and sunshine. As you approach the fountain, you see a group of people standing around and looking down at their phones. Though they are in a tight group, none of them are communicating with each other. Chances are you’ve just found your local Pokémon Go players. The new app sensation is modeled after earlier versions of…

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The Grave-Site Map – A Presentation at The Robbins Heritage Center

Given a map of your area, could you indicate where the historical family plots, churchyards, and cemeteries reside? MSGIC’s very own Ashley Samonisky could, with her comprehensive map of grave-sites in Dorchester County. After over six months of data collection in the field, she presented her findings at the Robbins Heritage Center in Cambridge this week. The project began when she was inspired by her grandmother to research her own family history. Starting with local records, and using a combination of…

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