Business Entity Data Working Group

Purpose:  The purpose of the Business Entity Data Working Group is to determine the business case for obtaining business entity data for the State of Maryland for the purpose of providing data services to be used throughout the state.

Meeting Schedule (Bi-Weekly Wednesdays):

  • May 17th Minutes
  • May 31st – Minutes
  • June 14th – Minutes
  • June 28th – Minutes
  • July 19th – Minutes
  • August 9thMinutes
  • August 16th – Minutes
  • August 23rd – Minutes
  • Wednesday, Early September – Face-to-Face – Pending Doodle Poll


  • To determine the sources and availability of business entity data including but not limited to business licenses, business charters, and other regulatory databases that uniquely identify businesses within Maryland.
  • To identify the business case(s) for obtaining and making available the public business entity data.
  • To identify security and/or confidentiality issues concerning the business entity data.
  • To identify existing exclusivity agreements with private businesses who provide business entity from the identified sources for a fee.
  • To identify “public” interfaces to identified business entity data.
  • To determine requirements for refresh rates on all data.
  • To determine the financial impacts of business case.
  • To identify and risks associated with implementing the recommendations of the business case.
  • To identify issues and assumptions associated with implementing the recommendation of the business case.
  • To research existing commercial business entity datasets.

Product – The final product for this working group will be a Business Case presented to MSGIC.

Participants –

At a minimum, the working group should include representatives from:

  • State of Maryland
    • Department of Information Technology – GIO’s Office
    • Department of Labor, Licenses and Regulations
    • Department of Assessments and Taxation
    • Maryland Judiciary
    • Office of the Attorney General
    • Other interested departments
  • County
  • Municipal
  • Regional
  • Private Sector
  • Institutional
  • Academia

Participants will be assigned individual sections of the report to complete.  Representatives from the identified State of Maryland departments will provide background, accessibility, etc. on data sources.

The report will be developed using a business case template to provide for consistency within the report.  (The working group team will need to decide on a template/format.)

Timeframe – It is anticipated that participants will be required to provide 16-24 hours of effort to accomplish their tasks associated with this working group over a period of 4-6 months.

Organization and Process

In-person kick-off meeting (2 hours)
Bi-weekly progress meetings (WebEx) – Reports on all action items, discussion, new business (1 hour)
In-person progress meeting (2 hours) – End of second month
In-person first draft report meeting (2 hours) – End of third month
In-person final report meeting (2 hours) – End of the fourth month

Proposed Report Outline

  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements/Participants
  • Executive Summary
  • Overview/Recommendations
  • Business Entity Data Details
    • Licensing – Maryland Judiciary
    • Business Entity – Department of Assessments and Taxation
    • Regulatory Licensing – Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations
    • Business Cases
      • Commerce (Economic Development)
      • Environment
      • Infrastructure (Asset Management)
      • Natural Resources
      • Permitting
      • Planning (Land Management)
      • Public Safety
        • NG911
        • Emergency Management
        • Police
        • Fire
        • EMS
  • Other Business Units
  • Security/Confidentiality Concerns
  • Private Business Conflicts

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