History and Structure

The Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) acts to promote coordinated development and efficient use of resources amongst all entities involved in the collection and/or use of spatial data and GIS technologies in Maryland.

The history of MSGIC dates back to April 1974, when the Department of State Planning became one of the first State agencies in the nation to implement a Geographic Information System (GIS). In the following years, the use of GIS systems grew significantly within many State and local government agencies. In 1992, MSGIC was established to officially coordinate GIS activities for agencies in the Executive Branch of State government. MSGIC served as an effective coordinating body for State agencies throughout the 1990s, but it has since evolved to a Committee that represents all user sectors in Maryland.

A strategic planning session was held in 2000 to focus MSGIC’s future. This session resulted in the adoption of modified Bylaws in April 2001, which re-focused the group and encouraged it to include representation from all sectors. The new MSGIC promotes efficient use of resources amongst all users that are interested in geo-spatial data and technologies in Maryland.

The Bylaws identify Caucuses and Committees as the MSGIC organizational structure. Each MSGIC member is assigned to a Caucus, based on affiliation shown in their application for membership. The following Caucuses seek to represent the issues and concerns of their members:

Federal Government
State Government
Local Government (County or Municipal)
Regional Council
Private Sector (including Non-Profits)

The following committees are staffed by volunteers and serve as working groups for various aspects of MSGIC’s coordination efforts:

Executive Committee: This Committee includes the elected Officers of MSGIC, the Chair of each Subcommittee, and a representative of each Caucus. The Executive Committee addresses coordination issues and acts as an interface between MSGIC and all external entities.

View Executive Committee meeting minutes.

View Executive Committee Role and Responsibilities.

Data and Resource Subcommittee: This Subcommittee provides and impartial and comfortable forum for coordinating all geographic data issues that are relevant to Maryland. It coordinates development of the Implementation Team Plan and production of MSGIC-endorsed digital base maps. The group also supports ongoing database initiatives and explores grants and partnerships with external entities.

Outreach and Education Subcommittee: This Subcommittee promotes the professional development of MSGIC members and facilitates the coordination of K-16 GIS education in Maryland. The group also develops public relations and outreach strategies, including the coordination of MSGIC and GIS demonstrations.

MSGIC meets quarterly, usually on the second Wednesday of January, April, July and October. MSGIC members welcome your comments, and invite you to share ideas and bring issues to our attention. You are also invited to join the group. Our goal is to provide an effective forum to discuss, debate and decide critical issues.

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