The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) is preparing new horizontal and vertical datums for release in 2022, as part of the NGS Ten-Year Plan.

What does this mean for MSGIC?  MSGIC is advocating education about the new datums and engaging the community by forming a sub-committee on New Datums.  Executive Committee member Matthew Webb will head this subcommittee, which will guide MSGIC through the change, as we go from today to 2022.

The sub-committee intends to help educate and prepare the community for this change through several possible formats and resources, such as newsletter articles, updates, presentations, workshops.

In the meantime, some resources that are worth reviewing are:

New Datums

What to expect

New Datums FAQ’s

Get Prepared

As part of the Spring 2014 MSGIC Quarterly Meeting, Mr. Dave Doyle made a presentation on Modernization of the National Spatial Reference System.