State Government GIS Contacts and Websites

MD Department of Agriculture

Agency Contact: Dr. Rowland O. Agbede, Ph.D.
Phone: (410) 841-5765

MD Department of the Environment

Agency Contact: Mr. Frank J. Siano
Phone: (410) 537-3684

MD Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Agency Contact: Mr. Rashid M. Malik
Phone: (410) 767-1024

MD Department of Housing and Community Development

Agency Contact: Mr. Brad Wolters
Phone: (410) 209-5805

MD Department of Human Resources

Agency Contact: Mr. Bill Fearrington
Phone: (410) 767-8964

MD Department of Information Technology

Agency Contact: Mrs. Julia Fischer, Geographic Information Officer
Phone: (410) 687-9430

MD Department of Juvenile Services
MD Department of Natural Resources

Agency Contact: Mr. Kevin Coyne
Phone: (410) 260-8985

MD Department of Planning

Agency Contact: Mr. Gary Maragos
Phone: 410-767-1218

MD Historical Trust

Agency Contact: Mr. Gregory Brown
Phone: (410) 514-7660

MD Emergency Management Agency

Agency Contact: Mr. Will Melville
Phone: (410) 517-5106

MD Energy Administration
MD Environmental Service

Agency Contact: Mr. Mike Herzberger
Phone: (410) 729-8256

MD State Highway Administration

Agency Contact: Mr. Michel N. Sheffer
Phone: (410) 545-5537

MD Governors Office of Performance Improvement

Agency Contact: Mr. Josh Exler
Phone: (443) 744-9014

MD Transportation Authority

Agency Contact: Mr. Kaushik Dutta
Phone: (410) 537-6729

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